Frequently Asked Questions


How you can be proactive / Join the collective

1. Become a Team Member

It doesn't matter who you are as long as you genuinely support the brand's values (check our Instagram and Youtube for more information).

Why you should be part of the team?

- Extra benefits such as personal discounts for yourself and your friends/followers

- Promotion on our social media(s)

- The chance to share your skills, story, and ideas through our platform 


2. Become a Representative for your community/school & earn gifts (Next Level)

Become a promotor at your school or respective community. Earn gifts and profit percentages for your promotion from ANYWHERE in the world. DM us to find out more!


3. Subscribe to our E-mail list for free resources, inner circle information & news for sales and more! *We won't spam or share your email.


4. Share your experience with our products on social media by tagging us in your story and posts! @humane.collective @pary_az on Instagram/Youtube

We will reshare and send surprise rewards as thank you for your support!


Shipping & Returns

Currently, we can't accept any returns for orders as well as any potential additional taxes or payments occurring after shipment (although we don't expect this to happen). 

As we are still in the process of optimizing shipping, we sadly can't take all the cost for your shipment but will try to meet you 50%. This is because the start-up costs are extremely high and we aren't able to make any deals with big shipment companies as some other brands may do. 

Most orders in Europe will be shipped untracked and should be received in latest 3-5 business days.

Germany orders will likely receive orders in 2-3 days - sometimes even 1 day!

The shipment varies in costs & item. It will be higher the further away from Germany (our headquarter for now). You will see the cost at check out.

For pre-orders, the shirts will be shipped sooner than the planner - within next week. Planners will be shipped in latest 2 weeks. 

I will try my best to get them as fast and cost efficient to you as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.