There are 4 main ways you can take part:

1. Become a Team Member

It doesn't matter who you are as long as you genuinely support the brand's values (check our Instagram and Youtube for more information). You will receive a personal discount for your purchase and after confirmation, will receive a discount for your friends/family and can join our community of other representatives. 

Your advantages from joining:

- Extra benefits such as personal discounts for yourself and your friends/followers (save money)

- Promotion on our social media(s) e.g. Instagram, Facebook & Youtube (network of 10K+)

- The chance to share your skills, story, and ideas through our platform (contact us if you have a message you want to share on our socials and blog) -> have YOUR voice heard & showcase your thoughts/skills/passion. 

- Connect with like-minded people who are also part of the Collective


2. Become a Representative for your community/school & earn gifts (Next Level)

*Unique opportunity*. Earn money by getting your school/institution/local store to supply the Humane Planners. Take leadership, write it in your CV and become a Next Level Rep. Earn free products and profit percentages for your promotion from ANYWHERE in the world. DM us to find out more!


3. Subscribe to our E-mail list for free resources, inner circle information & news for sales and more! *We won't spam or share your email.


4. Share your experience with our products on social media by tagging us in your story and posts! @humane.collective @pary_az on Instagram/Youtube. You will have a chance to be featured and receive surprise rewards as thank you for your support!


That's it!